Friday, 26 April 2013

Blog Analytics

In this post I'll be going over some of the information that I've gathered from my blog's analytics  and my Google analytics account. It will just things like most viewed pages/posts etc... Some information may not be very accurate such as page views as I couldn't get it to stop counting me visiting the blog. Blogger itself says that I've 863 page views but my analytics account says  I have only 144 unique visitors.

 Below is a screen cap of where most of the my visitors are coming from. Obviously the highest one would be from our lectures blog where he has links to all of the student blogs. Many are just fellow classmate's blogs but there is some ones that I'm not quite sure about such as or  these are sites that I've never even heard of yet alone been to I'm not sure how I got traffic from these websites.

Some information found from the analytics is very strange. An example of this would be what country blogger thinks people are viewing my website from.  Now I'm not quite sure how I've managed to get viewers from some of these countries but hey I can be proud to say I have a view from the one and only internet user in Kazakhstan though I'm sure this is just a mistake.

When it came to looking at the information for the most popular browsers and operating systems it turned out more or less how I had expected it to.
With Firefox as most popular then chrome then IE and then the various other useless browsers for example RockMelt. The operating system on the other hand was a bit surprising with 91% of visitors using windows. I thought that with apple becoming more popular that there might be a few more Macs but apparently not.

Lastly it was kind of interesting to see which page/posts were being looked at the most. Once again I'm not quite sure how many of the views are my own but it seems that a lot of my earlier blog posts were much more popular. I think this is because I changed the layout of my blog so that all posts could be viewed from the main page. As for pages I know that I viewed my Image reports a few times but seems people were very interested to see what I had done for my assignment 2.

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